The Engineering School, MAYURBHANJ SCHOOL OF ENGINEERING – emerged in the year 1994 with all its glory and promise to cater the essence of technical education in the eastern region of Odisha, a tribal dominated region and to lead the mission of Technical Education in this region. And since then it has been imparting Diploma Courses in various branches. Surrounded with greenery trees in all direction, the institution facilitates a Healthy environment for students to bloom their technical intelligence & Competence. With healthy and eco-friendly environment, the institution provides beautiful infrastructure as well where technical professionalism can be felt. Being situated at the out skirt of the town, the Learner’s are well protected from rigging and an educational environment can be afforded to them for effective learning process.

The Institution is functioning in its own Building at Laxmiposi scattered in the 10 Acres of Land. The Institution because of its sound Infrastructure, Managerial Competence and Academic Excellence enters into an envious position. It offers consistently high standard of teaching that made our classroom learners unique in the field of Technology.

This is what we have and we mean to set our institution apart from other institutions to become unique and unparalleled in the field of technical education in the eastern region. We do not believe in tall claims but we believe in realization of truth by our learners that learning is not just a series of instruction but a passion, which goes beyond books, beyond instructions, beyond learning horizons.

With this the institution has taken a great leap forward in the first few years and the results are encouraging. The college is an example of cultural unity with students drawn to learn from most of the districts of the state. MSE is a private (government affiliated) higher technical institution of the northern Orissa with sub-over sear 3 – years diploma course.

Mayurbhanj is land-locked district with a total geographical area of 10,418 sq. km. and is situated in the Northern boundary of the state with district Head quarters at Baripada. The district lies between 21 x 16’ and 22x 34’ North latitude and 85×40’ and 87 x 11’ East longitudes. The district is bounded in the North by Midnapore of West Bengal, Singbhum district of Jharkhand in the South, Balasore district in the west and by Keonjhar district in the East.

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