Esteemed Visitors

I was very happy to visit this excellent polytechnic situated in the backward district of Mayurbhanj. The infrastructure, dedication of management and faculty and the discipline of students are all indeed remarkable. I hope that this fine institute maintains the cutting edge of technology all along. I also hope that it blossoms into a multifaceted Degree college in due course. I wish the MSE a very bright future.

S.B. Mishra
Former Chief Secretary, Odisha

Today’s world is world of cataclysmic changes. After man’s advent on earth 10 lakh years ago, changes use to occur probably in one lakh years. Then changes use to occur in few thousand years. Today changes occur every day.  Modern technology has made it possible. the engineers are agents of these changes. The engineers are thus responsible for development and change.

The MSE is doing a commendable job of producing engineers in this backward area. I perceived this institution to be a graduate engineering college, owing to eye-catching infrastructure but it my wish that MSE graduate itself into a graduate engineering college.

(5th Bt. OSAP) IPS

It is an excellent laid, disciplined engineering institution. The facilities are excellent & at par with engineering colleges. The promote have taken every care to build it as a primary education institute. I hope it will grow will time to a premier engineering college in future.

With all very good wishes.

Dr. A.K. Tripathy
(Notable Industrialist)
Mayur Chemicals.

Mayurbhanj School of Engineering stands as an wonderful monument in a rural surrounding of Braipada importing very good technical education under the able guidance of Dharamvir.

I wish all success of this institute.

D.K. Tripathy
Former Professor IIT, KGP
Former VC, VSSUT, Burla and
Pro-VC, KIIT University, Bhubaneswar.

I extend my heart felt thanks to MSE giving me such an opportunity to share my experience with there young and dynamic students and faculty. MSE is a symbol of synergy of science & technology and culture. The environment  and ambience of this institute is so beautiful, that all students shall enjoy the very bits of life in a purposeful  manner. MSE will one day reach its height in technical education.

I wish all success and hope MSE will be one of the best technical education system in the country.

Chittaranjan Ojha

(Joint Director, ITR, Chandipur)

It is a great pleasure for me to attend the annual function of MSE, Baripada. I wish all success of this institution for a long. Nothing more to pen. My hearty congratulation to all the students of MSE.

With thanks.

Satya Shiba Das



North Odisha Education,Balasore

Mayurbhanj School of Engineering, Laxmiposi is one of the reputed technical institute of this state and it gives me pleasure for attending the workshop and interacting the senior faculty members and students of the institute. It is a milestone on development of technical education of the district.

I wish all success and hope MSE will lead the district on technical education. My hearty congratulation to the management, faculty members, staff and students of the institute.

General Manager

DIC Mayurbhanj

I feel obliged by the kind of courtesy shown by the principal, staffs and students. My best wishes for it growth, always.


Motivation Speaker of life coach

I visited MSE on 06/09/2013 as a chief guest in the Fresher’s meet. I am really honored for this invitation. I am very much pleased to see the facilities, campus atmosphere of MSE. I hope the students will utilize their time for getting best education from this institute and do their best in future.I wish all success of the students and this Institute in future.                                                                                                      N.N. Das

Professor of Chemistry & Chairman, P.G. Council

North Orissa university, Baripada

It is a great opportunity to inauguration the MSE convention hall on such auspicious day of 15 Sep’ 2013 which happens to be the “Engineer’s Day” as well as the day when Agni-s- successfully launched from wheeler Island. I wish all success and MSE will progress exponentially in future. The convention hall is the mark of architecture and engineering of the modern era. It will definitely recollect the memory of outstanding engineer. M. Viswesarray.

Thanks to all the members of MSE, Baripada.

Good Luck

Chittaranjan Ojha

Group Director

(HR & PC)

ITR Chandipur

An excellent environment for education. I am really pleased to be here to share my experiences with the students & faculty members of MSE.

Dr. Sanghamitra Mohanty

Vice – Chancellor

North Orissa University


It is indeed a very good engineer’s school providing quality education to the students of Odisha, West Bengal and Jharkhand. The infrastructure is also very good, with lovely surrounding. The campus is very neat and clean and laboratories are also equipped with modern equipments. This school started in the year 1994 and marching a head in its mission & vision with glory. I also hope a great future for this engineering school in the remote location of our state of Odisha.

Dr. B.K. Nanda


VSSUT, Burla

I am delightful to be amongst you today. I am immensely glad to see the beautiful campus of this college. The teaching and learning atmosphere of the environ is no less than Shantiniketan. It is very conducive atmosphere for creativity of students. I am expressing my hearty wishes for healthy and steady smooth of the institute.

Prof. Kumar B Das

VC FM University


A great pleasure to visit this institute .I expect that this good institute will develop excellent teaching and integral development of the student


VC North Odisha University


I am impressed with the infrastructural development of MSE and systematic Organisation set up and disciplined students and faculties. I hope ,in future The MSE will attend a greater Hight in imparting knowledge to student mass.

Prof. S N Panda

Prof. Agriculture Food Engg. ,IIT KGP

Situated within natural scenic beauty of despreed landscape the MSE ,Let pray GOD , become the premier institute and create a diploma of ” IIT “.Discipline and Development of the founders is praise worthy .

Sarbeswar Bhuyan

Sr. General Manager

NESCO odisha