The institution gives basic priority to student development in relation to academic, sports, skills and other extra curricular activities in a healthy and eco friendly environment in the campus. The sprit of this institute is to be united under a set of rules to be distinguished as free, healthy and civilized technocrats. Though belong to different region and class, they have a single-minded focus.

All basic amenities like electricity, safe drinking water, Canteen, Nescafe facilities are enjoyed by students inside the campus. All time Medical facilities for hostel boarders are available, Facilities like recreation, Yoga classes, Game and Sports are available for free, healthy and strong young mind.

The sprit of being in MSE is the freedom one gets, to explore life without compulsion, without crushing force from academic pressure to become innovative and technically sound with excellent performance. Students are exposed to the actual work environment with training both on the conventional as well as in advance techniques. The Institute also engaged in supporting the students to refine the necessary skills, attitudes towards corporate placement process in the Campus by the way of periodical competitive test and group interactive exercises.

It is an article of faith at MSG to complement the academic component of the university and enhance the overall educational experience of students through a wide range of extra-curricular programmers, facilities services and activities. These events provide students and other members of the university exposure to a variety of social, cultural, intellectual, recreational opportunities and challenges. Such experience enriches the lives of students and helps them fulfill their potential.

Campus is spread over 10 acres the lush green campus at Laxmiposi, on the outskirts of Baripada in complete harmony with the nature. A place where tranquility acquires a new dimension and where modern architecture blends with traditional values to heighten the spirit of continuous learning.

As most of the students stay in hostel, it gives them a chance to really know about each other. Everyone learns to respect the different lifestyle of each individual.