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About Us

The Alumni Association of MSE, Baripada is functioning at the college campus. The main aim of the Association is to maintain the link between MSE and Alumni and share their details of employment and achievements such that we can motivate our current students who are pursuing their diploma engineering studies.The alumni are an asset to the institute. Also, their contributions and involvement can significantly increase the reputation of the institute across the state and the nation. An Alumnus is a group of people who have passed from Mayurbhanj school of Engineering.

Mission &Vision:

The MSE Alumni Association will be a dynamic, member-focused organization, driven by professional values and directed towards supporting the social, intellectual needs. The MSE Alumni Association is to connect, inform and serve MSE, its diverse alumni through strong leadership, dynamic programs and effective communication. This Alumni Association will achieve this vision through its mission of promoting a strong relationship between alumni and the institute and promoting a sense of institute pride among all stakeholders / society.


The alumni’s role is crucial for the development of the institute. All alumni can provide support in various aspects that are beneficial to the students, alumni, institute, and society. The alumni’s opinion in developing the institute’s and proposed solutions to the challenges faced by the institutes is highly valued. This is for the achievement of the institute’s vision and mission.